Friday, January 21, 2011

Two O'Clock Show Not Live

I have half a ton of things to say about the NHS reform, Blair's squirming his way through the Iraq war enquiry and how pleased I am that Coulson has gone on account of him being a huge twat, but I'll be honest, none of these things are particularly on my radar today. I thought I should let you know that I'm thinking about such things just incase any of you were worried that between Arctic adventures, watching films about a man cutting his own arm off and generally mocking my flatmates, that I was ignoring worldly goings on. Perhaps you feared I had let my guard down like an inflatable securicor man at the end of a shift, and had decided that after pursuing an avid interest in political and social matters for a few months had thrown all that interest away in replacement for more whimsical notions. Well, er, I have a bit. Sorry. Not because I want to you understand, but I've just been a bit crap in keeping up with it all with so many other things to do. I mean when I say I have half a ton of things to say (a to, or an on) about those things its a bit of a lie. I haven't really got a clue what's happening right now. I sometimes feel its like a soap opera you watched enough episodes of bad acting and poor plotlines to finally get a grasp of what's going on, only to go away for a week, come back and find all the characters you knew died in a fire and nothing makes sense.

So what I do sort of know is that the NHS budgets are being handed over to GPs which terrifies a diabetic like me. In the last four years my old GP tried to fob off all sorts of odd drugs to me in order to tick boxes that would mean certified bonuses from pharmaceutical companies. I would be wary of all these tablets and ask the specialists at my hospital if I should be on them, where I'd be warned against such things, only to then be berated by my GP for not taking them. It strikes me as a horror situation where everytime you're in A&E, perhaps a victim of a serious accident, you'll be packed off with a ton of blood pressure tablets and a flu jab so Doctor something or other can buy a new car this month. I know there are many others issues with the reform, such as the huge deficit the NHS is already in and how much cost a reshuffle will cost, ultimately not really gaining any money back, but I'm focusing on the selfish stuff as I don't want to be a human guinea pig. Saying that I suppose if it results in me turning into the Incredible Hulk or gaining Spidey powers from an experimental drugs test then I might be swayed.

As for the other top stories, well Blair should've been locked up for being a war criminal ages ago. Part of me thinks that if the slimy, lying twat escapes this second enquiry without serious consequences then we should all start wars with whoever we like, ignore any legal advice from ruling powers we are given and hide all documents that prove its wrong. If you can't beat them, then let's join them. My first war will be against Tony Blair. Lets all wear camouflage and get rocket launchers and sit outside his house. When he comes to the door complaining that its unfair as his children are innocents caught up in unnecessary conflict, we all shout 'hypocrite' and then fire away. Plan? Good.

As for Coulson, well I really haven't read up on the phone hacking accusations but a) he's a Tory and b) anyone that takes a cleaver to a receiver is an arse, Hey that was both the worst joke I think I've ever made and a poem. Brilliant. Today is full of wonders.

So that's kind of it. My shit summary of things. Take that C4's 10 o Clock Live Show which I didn't watch and can't judge, although if I bump into Lauren Laverne again I will say it was brilliant so that we can be friends.

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