Monday, January 17, 2011

Tromso Long

Its my last day in Tromso today which is both sad and yet about right timing wise. I'm starting to very much miss the sunlight. It turns out I quite like sunlight and a distinct absence of it, whilst fun for a while - you can pretend you're a vampire or you live underground or in that shit film with Vin Diesel in it - is just a bit miserable after a while. I have no idea how people cope here for 6 whole months. I suppose its because no matter how dark it gets, it does look very nice. I mean, there's places that look horrible in the dark, like Hackney, and then there's places that look like this:

Not bad huh? Yeah take that Hackney. When you get a fjord then you can make a stand about such things. I really like fjords. I like saying the word and they rock. I mean, honestly, I'm yet to understand what makes them different from a lake or a sea or any of those other things, but they are definitely great. That picture there was taken from up a mountain. I like mountains too. I can understand why in Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy, Slartibaartfast is very proud of Norway. Full of fjords and mountains. The mountain I took that picture from was especially good as once up there I got to eat these waffles:

Which I got for free because the very cute waitress was amazed I was a foreigner that liked brown cheese. Hooray! For once my gluttonous sweet tooth wins. And then double win as I ate them up a mountain. Eating waffles up a mountain will probably be the title of my autobiography should I ever write one. It will be followed by inevitable sequels such as 'Having Chips In A Swamp' and 'Downing A Pint In A Lagoon'. I'm all for eating and drinking nice things in extreme situations. Somehow I feel this is a sport that has been overlooked for far too long and after yesterday I'm very pleased to say I will happily take up such a challenge. As well as waffles I took a shedload of pics with the camera which I think I'm getting better at. I can't understand why face recognition thought the top of another mountain was a face. Or why it though a telegraph pole was a face. It did the same for the moon, which I think is to do with it having romantic notions of the man up there, so that's ok. I'm starting to wonder however if its just a bit of a nuts piece of equipment with its daydreaming ideals and anthropomorphising everything. Then again, I'm talking about it as though its a tiny metal rascal. Its highly likely all manhandling of such images is entirely my useless fault. There are at least three settings that could work for any one picture up here. Snow, Night Sky or Starry Sky and yet none seem to be able to take a sunset. All I want is a setting that says 'great picture'. Is that so hard? When will they make a camera for idiots? Anyway, here's some of my handy work:

Essentially I'm just very lucky that everywhere looks so nice that its hard to screw up. Very photogenic is Tromso. Doesn't even have to open its eyes or smile. Amazing work.

Right I have to check out in 10 mins before stomping my way to the museums for today's expedition, so quick run down of other excellent things from yesterday:

- I met a man called Rob. He was from Wales and worked in a charity saving whales. Brilliant. Sadly he wasn't wailing which would have gained him maximum points. Though at the same time I probably wouldn't have spoken to him as he'd have seemed weird. He was a top chap though and spends his year flying round the world making people stop whaling, which is brilliant. I'd very much like to do such things though I can only imagine I'd be crap at it.

Me: 'Please stop whaling. Its really not nice. Whales are great, even if they look sad all the time and make that noise like they are in distress.'
Whalers: 'No.'
Me: 'Shit.'

So well done Rob. It must be a pretty tough job. He also saves dolphins. I imagine this is easier as they do that thing like Flipper does where they tell you when stuff is wrong through a series of squeak noises.

Bugger out of time. Other points of note before I get fined were that I've seen the Arctic Cathedral, at least 7 people that look like Santa Claus, about 15 that look like Scarlett Johansson, several billions that look like Thor, two that look like Orlando Bloom and 4 that look like those little trolls figurines.

I'll write my Norway case study for you all tomorrow. Ta ra Tromso, its been much fun. Apart from the darkness and that icy wind that made me stay in last night. Tak.

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