Saturday, January 1, 2011


Day one of 2011 and I'm sat in a darkened pub with Andrew Maxwell and Paul Byrne sharing stories of our different NYE experiences that all involve staying indoors and playing wii. Start as you mean to go on as they say and I happily started the new year in my onesi kicking Tom's arse on Mario Kart occasionally flicking over to see just how bad Tomb Raider: The Last Cradle really was despite having Angelina Jolie in a onesi. It was amazing that that was the BBC's choice of first film of the year, kicking everything off almost by saying 'we're just giving up.' I won't lie, there is a tiny tiny part of me that feels like a loser for not having headed out into the party wilderness with the rest of the world but a much larger part of me watched the faces 'ooohing' and 'aaaahing' at the fireworks on the Southbank and imagined all those smiles turning upside down as they realised it would take them till 2012 to get the tube home afterwards. Starting afresh by standing in the cold needing to wee is not my idea of a good night. Or traveling from anywhere. Instead I let midnight toll whilst I sat elbow deep in a bag of Kettle Chips telling Tom that his one win on Peach Beach would be his only win this year, and goddamn it felt like a way to herald a new 365 days of my existence. Look at me getting all cocky assuming I'll survive the year.

While I'm usually one to make the resolution not to make resolutions thereby creating a tedious paradox, I have a couple of mini ones this year that I am telling myself have nothing to do with New Year's and more to do with life priorities and needs. Number one is to start running again. I haven't been for about 3 months now and I really should. Not just because I enjoy it but more so because I like being able to fit into my shirts. I planned to go this morning, and didn't. So maybe tomorrow. Or Monday. Or at least once in 2011. Maybe just for the bus. Resolution two very much started last night, and revolves around me adamantly only really doing what I want for the year. I've spent much time in the previous 29 years of my life adhering to others wants and needs to the detriment of my own enjoyment and that stops today. Hence staying in despite the party world crying out for my presence last night. Sure there were thousands of people desperate for me to sit in their houses, block the stairs, divulge the sort of chat that people can only put up with for two to three minutes before needing to find an excuse to stop their brain jumping through their ears and escaping for survival. Yeah so take that all those parties that were probably much more fun without me. Fuck you, I'm doing what I like till 2012 when I realise I have no friends anymore.

That's it. A short one as I'm about to eat a pizza, despite not having been running. See, doing what I like. Ka-pow. Now roll on the future. My unhealthy, lonely future.

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