Saturday, January 29, 2011


Wow the world's a mess isn't? Sure that's a rather large and bold statement to make to kick off a blog, and I am probably generalising a tad. I mean, I'm sure in the entirety of the world some bits are probably all a bit lovely. Way deep in the sea for example, or the jungles that aren't being torn down, or even just my room. My room's well tidy. Apart from my desk but I'll do that in a minute. Stop nagging me, you're not my real dad. I just keep fleetingly catching the news amidst my rather busy week of things and feeling as though the people of the world are pretty sick of the way things have been running for a while. Then I stop watching the news, go off to a gig, complain about my height, forget it all for a bit, then put the news on and feel engrossed in it all again. It's an odd one this wanting to care business. I fully and utterly would have liked to have been on the student demonstration against the fees today but once again my day has been filled with Comedy Club 4 Kids and a gig tonight in Leicester making it all unfeasible. Sure, you might say, if you really cared you'd turn down work to be on these things? Well, er, you may say that maysayer, but being self employed things aren't so simple. Essentially its all well and good fighting for rights but if you can't march anyway as due to malnourishment and poverty your legs don't work, it sort of works against any sort of fighting or righting at all.

Yes, this is another blog where, rather than just type about something you might enjoy reading, I am once again providing feeble excuses as to why I'm not being remotely politically active despite pretending that I am. Its been a downhill slope since Christmas and my news knowledge has been swept under the rug a tad. The rug is now on top of a heap of dust, several of Tom's socks and a very useful argument about why any possible reasoning for high tuition fees are good is wrong. I'd like that last one back please. Tom's socks can stay. It's so easy to become overwhelmed with the ever changing policies of people that rarely hold their ground unless its to the detriment of others. I am very good at saying sentences like that though which make me sound like I'm all clever about it when I'm not. Essentially I have the basics ie Tories, filthy rich capitalists, dictators and racists are all bad and evil. Lib Dems are liars. Labour and lots of other people are rubbish and I'm pretty damn good. Ok, not the last bit. Worldwise, I quite like Obama but I don't really know why. I hate the Tea Party even though they sound like they should be lovely, Kim Jong Il is bonkers and the Middle East confuses me. There I said it.

I mean Egypt, at the moment, is horrific. I applaud the people for fighting for a change of regime and I am appalled at the violence of people firing both rubber and real bullets aimed at people's heads who are merely asking for a say in how their country is run. But beyond that, I don't really have a clue what's going on. Again, got the basics. Nobody likes Mubarack because of corruption and poverty caused by him. Mubarack has been President for ages even though no one likes him. He's still President even though no one wants him to be. Essentially it sounds to me like a dictatorship. But all the clever ins and outs I don't know. Sometimes I wish it were as simple as I just put it. Perhaps we scale back politics and just have the news saying 'look he's evil and they're good. But evil is winning' or something like that. Except the news sort of does do that but mostly with confusing messages and lies depending on who owns whichever channel or paper you're viewing. So my idea doesn't really work.

Things like this are very very useful (ta to @Chris_Coltrane for the link):


But ultimately I'm still in the dark. And I've got both my main light and desk lamp on. I constantly question whether or not ignorance is indeed bliss. So far, after much research I think it depends on the levels of ignorance. Today for example if I knew absolutely nothing about anything going on in the world I'd probably feel less guilty than I do knowing about it, but now knowing enough. Still, now in this position I have no desire to go backwards and shall instead keep learning, then never have a holiday again. In the meantime, if you are a student or someone in Egypt who's managed to get access to the internet or in fact anyone who's currently opposing oppression then good luck to you and you have my utmost respect and support. It is so upsetting to know people are being hurt for believing in having human rights and I hope this ever rising dissent from the people who are affected by such happenings indicates a change in the way the Earth is run. However if you're fighting something slightly more complicated than that, I'll have to look it over a few times and let you know once I've worked out if what you're fighting against can be put under my Skeletor or He-Man column on my wall chart of worldly happenings. God, I'm an idiot.

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