Monday, January 24, 2011

Pee Argh

Today's blog is about two things. One, I'm going to be horribly self promotional. This I rarely do, but I have several things to promote and I feel that if you are avid blog readers then a) you'll realise this is an excuse that I have little to write about today and b) that you can probably endure me saying stuff live if you can read this on regular occasion. In fact I'd go so far as to say that me saying things live is often better than my blog due to clever things like intonation, performance ability and the fact that you can just leave the room and miss the show if needs be. The other bit will be me talking about how much I enjoyed watching Jackson's Way in a living room last night and then thirdly I will write about how odd it is that I made a joke about Aculpolco yesterday and today a man has been arrested for killing 22 people there. Ok, so that's three things but I only found out about the third one as I was writing that sentence. And I've sort of already said all there is to say about that so let's consider it a bonus thing and when you've got to the bottom of the page you may have forgotten all about it and be surprised by its addition. Or not.

Ok, so round one. Fight:

I've got bloomin' tons of things coming up at the moment. People are always always nagging me about when I'm performing near them etc and what I'm doing. This may well be so they can plan to be on the opposite side of the country from wherever its happening, but if not, here's some things you may want to come to:


My show Littlest Things for the last ever time ever. Its at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden at 7.30pm for only £6.50. Yes. Cheaper than er, more expensive things. FACT. It had lovely reviews in Edinburgh and some other people said stuff that was nice about it too. So there you go. Tickets can be purchased here:


There'll be more solo show stuff on its way in the lead up to Edinburgh, but those in the Midlands get me saying stuff at the Leicester Comedy Festival in but a month's time on February 18th. This will be a collection of new bits and no doubt stories from my gigs in the Alps that week. Unless I break my leg which I probably will. In which case it'll be sit down comedy. Arf.


For all other normal gigs I'm doing, check the gigs page on my website. I'm all over the country and abroad (Ireland, France and Denmark) between now and July so have a look. For other stuff there's:

FAT TUESDAY COMEDY CLUB - Back for another season with some lovely lovely line-ups. We are also running one of the venues at the Camden Crawl's Comedy Crawl this year with the excellent Old Rope, so have a look out for that.

LONDON COMEDY IMPROV - With Tara Flynn, Brendan Dempsey, Michael Legge, Rufus Hound, John Voce and Kirsty Newton. Always bloomin' good fun.

COMEDY CLUB 4 KIDS - This has had a bit of a facelift and this season we've got people such as Isy Suttie, Robin Ince, Howard Read and many more all coming along to perform to 6-11 year olds and families. How many times can someone say the word 'bum' to rapturous giggles? Come along to find out. Proper website for this is on its way soon.

Ok. Think that's it for now. Promise. Just thought I should throw them out there while I have your attention. It'd be nice if you could attend some of them otherwise I'd have to go back to a real job and then couldn't write the blog anymore. Or it'd all become graph charts and misery. Oh what? You've gone already. Sigh. Tomorrow will start again on more musings on yardwang or things that make the noise 'wooble'.

Both of those subjects infact were my only hurdle when watching Jackson's Way in our friend Isabelle's living room last night as one of the more peculiar venues on his 26 day tour. Its very difficult to embrace a character who's entire motivational speech is about working on the pointless things in life, when, all I ever do, is such a thing. Saying that, despite being crammed into a bay window in front of what must've been a rather intimidating group of people that all vaguely knew each other and contained several comedians, Will Adamsdale's character was amazing. One hour and 45 minutes of absolutely bonkers pointlessness delivered in what I think was the most original show I've seen in ages. Highly recommend catching one of his last 7 shows if you get a chance.

See, promoting someone else there as well, because I'm all about sharing. Or maybe I'm just using it as a distraction from this blog being entirely shameless promotion. Although its not, because, oh wait! Yeah so yesterday I made the shit joke on Twitter about:

Newsflash: Acapulco government desperate to find ways of dissuading tourists from turning up & going crazy as its damaging industry.

And rightfully, it was ignored. But then, but then indeed, today this happened:

Weird huh? All I'm saying is that if you don't come to my shows I'll make jokes about your area and then we'll see what happens. Word to your mamas.

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