Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reasons To Not Blog

I am not blogging today for these reasons:

- I am meant to be prepping hard for a full days filming for a CBBC thingy tomorrow. More news on this soon and no doubt a pre-written blog tonight as I won't have time in the morning, or the capacity for using my fingers and brain at the same time to type anything when I wake up at 6am. True story. However, despite me really needing to work on something I really really want to work on, I am consistently procrastinating with 101 other things such as this non-blog blog, Twitter, various emails, making myself an egg bread sandwich (this is something I learnt from a TV show when I was a kid. No, I'm not sure which one, nor how old I was, but it's been an occasional time wasting breakfast ever since. What you do is use a glass to cut a circle of bread out of a slice of toast, then you pop it in a frying pan, and crack an egg inside the bread. Then the egg fries into the bread like a beady toast eye of yolky joy. Awesome times. Tom says I experiment with food in the same way the Nazi's experimented with humans.) and spending far too long working out what music I should listen to while I work. So far its gone from the XX, to the Gil Scott Heron and Jamie from the XX album to Fat Freddy's Drop. I haven't done any work so far. I worry these are all bad choices. I will have to do more research.

- I want to write about my fears that Rupert Murdoch is taking over the world - today's announcement that conveniently after he has sponsored the government with heaps of money and advocated all their raping of everyone but the very rich, he now, completely by coincidence, is allowed to buy all the rest of BSkyB which means he is going to own an incredibly large portion of the world's media. Does this not worry anyone? I've read 1984 and it strikes me as only a matter of time before such a man owns every channel, entirely dictates what we see, and therefore can sway the public knowledge in whatever way is needed. A bit like how China operate. Next we'll have thought police and I'll get in trouble on regular occasion due to a stupid wandering imagination. My only hope is that as he becomes more and more like a Bond villian or Lex Luthor in Superman or the Kingpin from Marvel, that someone of the exact opposite nature will take him down and he'll die in an overly elaborate way involving laser sharks or being fired into space - but I haven't really researched it enough to type anything about it.

- I would like to tell you all about how good Keith Farnan's show 'Sex Traffic' at the Soho theatre was last night, and how since Edinburgh he's added lots of lovely stories about situations bits of the show have put him in with angry punters - but having several drinks beforehand and few after and then running to meet the Los Quattros Cvnts lot for a drink with them after their mega show featuring Al Murray, means I don't really have the capacity to do so. Nor can I comprehend telling you that you Keith is on at the Soho Theatre every night till Saturday so go along as its ace. Tickets are here:


So yeah, ahem. No blog today. Sorry.

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