Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rambling Man

Hello blog. You are being crowbarred into my day today in a way that were you a living being of sorts you'd probably find it difficult to breathe and when you finally got out would have uncomfortable cramps in odd places. It has been, as the last few weeks seems to be, another odd whirlwind of a day that, so far all in all, have revolved around me suggesting things and the suggestees saying 'no' to different degrees of politeness. I have, thanks to this line of work, become a master at handling rejection. From industry types that is. I still falter at such things from women unless I'm so tanked up on booze I can't notice, and I get very upset when Tiffany Stevenson's cat runs away from me as soon as I walk in the door. Aside from that though, you say no to this face and this face will totally take it. Like a weak, non-argumentative, self doubting Thomas. I always wondered why Thomas was so doubting. Tom who I live with is fairly doubting, but I have met a few others that definitely weren't. Its apparently based on the dude who didn't believe Jesus was back from the dead, but then, after seeing him, he did believe. I think that this means its not a great term for skeptics or non-believers due to his scaredy cat reforming at the end. I think Thomas should have stoically defended his point of view, hitting Jesus with sticks and treading on his toes until there was undeniable proof it was him, only to them turn around and say that its probably a look a like in a wig. That would be a true doubting Thomas. But instead, once again, a biblical character is praised once again for something that is, overall, a bit rubbish. Much like today being Saint Patrick's Day where a man is hailed for ridding a country that very likely never had snakes, from snakes. I feel that I should parade around the UK saying I have got rid of all the lions just so I can be a saint. Though knowing my luck, I'd be taken to the lions in the zoo and be told to get rid of them too, resulting in huge death in the face via lion paw/teeth.

What's nice is that today's 'no's were occasionally interspersed with some 'hmm's and a few, and very rare 'yes's, along with some stares, and general awkward silences. Its often that these meetings can feel somewhat like the very worst of Pinter plays. I haven't yet ever worked out how exactly how do these sorts of events and I wonder how anyone ever learns. Some people are easy, and you sit down, banter ensues, everyone's happy, you leave with a kick in your step and find out five weeks later they want nothing from you. Others seem more difficult at first and then two years later get you in for something. Then some just stare through your eyes into your soul, knowing full well your existence will be of little help to anyone ever. Now, at least, after being in this stupid job for several blue moons, it tends to be more and more the first two. Eventually I will just be able to work it down to the first option whereby I can constantly raise my hopes up high for at least a day or so, before wondering why it is I can't pay the bills again.

Actually, that paragraph was far too miserable. Truth is, stuff's all good, but that's dull isn't it? Essentially, as readers, you probably want to know about me battling lions or getting the plague or something that keeps it all gritty, don't you? Well, you're horrible. Why can't you just wish someone well for once? Meanies. Yeah. I said it. You all go out tonight, pretend you're Irish so you can drink more and we'll see who's enjoying themselves. Oh. Yeah, its you isn't it? Yeah, well you go and have fun. Go on. Manners.

I have no idea where today's blog is going. For your sake you'd better hope all these meetings come to nothing so that this blog can start to make sense again. What do you mean of course they'll come to nothing? Bloody doubting Thomas.

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