Monday, February 28, 2011


Going back to a semi-political blog today after a long absence away. Not that I've been keeping up on anything going on and therefore feel once again out of the loop of exactly how the world is going wrong this week. Not only that but if anything, I feel I haven't been helping matters much at all. Instead yesterday I spent over 4 hours playing Call of Duty: Black Ops with Mat where I was willingly shouting things like 'shoot him in the face' as our American character used military oppression to fight in a simulation of the highly wrong Vietnam War. I like to think that its quite ok to disagree with the circumstances of such a game's storyline while at the same time fully immersing myself in its virtual nature and yet cheering to neighbour annoying levels when we find a gun called the 'Grim Reaper' that can blow up tanks. This was then followed with a lack of the right TV channels to watch the Oscars and instead just an imagining of what it was probably like with me occasionally tweeting Mila Kunis because I think its funny. Meanwhile I'm flitting between all the news on the Middle East and finding it all too depressing to comment on. I've seen several comics make 'hilarious' plays on the name Gaddafi and such, but I honestly keep seeing the death toll rise and shying away from even trying to make light of it. Instead I'm stabbing Russian's in the eye and setting explosives to Cuban's trucks. Yes, my morals are perhaps all askew.

I'm doing a gig for Yes to AV tonight, along with Josie Long and Terry Saunders. It should be a lovely gig and its a top bill, but there is part of me that is struggling to work out what I'm going to be talking to the crowd about. No, its not just because I instantly said yes at first, being a huge fan of the TV channel that the Wii works through and then felt like a stupid when I worked out I was wrong. No, here's my issue and the moment this blog lurches forward into hopefully making sense: I understand that AV voting will allow, to an extent, the people to have more choice by offering us a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice on the ballot paper, perhaps meaning that it will give a better representation of what people actually want and where. However, and this is a big however, my problem is that I still don't think that there is anyone out there I want for any of my 4 choices. When we no longer seem to have politicians, but instead businessmen intent on privatising the country for their own selfish money making needs, I can't imagine how putting them in order of preference will help. It seems to me as though someone is offering to rank CH4's Top 100 Dictators and we get to say which ones we like more due to their cheeky smile. Oh so we get to choose between the Tories who don't really care about the people, the Lib Dems who don't really care about the people, Labour who don't seem to know what they're doing, or anyone of many other parties who's dent in the political world is so small a gnat couldn't have a snooze in it.

Then again, I understand I am just being difficult here. If it means we are one step further to having the MP's crap themselves over who will actually get to have our votes, then there is at least more pressure on them than before and that means we are slightly higher on the lever of power. Not much, but a bit. And much like with Tesco's operation, every little helps, which I always think sounds like a horrible sweatshop slogan in broken English. Also as much as I insulted the many other political parties in my paragraph above, it does mean they'll have more chance of making a change. Bad news in the case of the BNP or Christian Party, but great news for the Greens. And if anyone thinks that if AV comes through that I won't be giving at least one vote every time to the Monster Raving Loony Party, then you are hugely underestimating me. I'm sorry, but they've kind of had my vote since 1987 when they said that as well as a hot and cold tap, there would be a custard and jelly tap in every house. Bring it.

So I'll be saying some of that tonight and then probably backtracking when people tell me I haven't got a clue.

If you are interested in one of the only choices we're going to get to have under this government, and you really should be interested or forfeit another nugget of human rights we have, then please check out this website:

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