Thursday, February 17, 2011


Its my last day in Meribel and I should, by all intents and purposes, be on the slopes. However, I'm not. Instead, last night, I got 'Meribelled' as its known, and am today nursing a hangover that means I can't go anywhere near anything that is less soft than a bed or a sofa or do any physical action that is more strenuous than brushing my teeth. Which incidentally, was not easy today. To say the people of Meribel are accommodating would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. I do believe being driven a few paces to the local nightclub - wonderfully titled 'Dick's Tea Party' - plied with large amounts booze all night and then driven all the way home is way beyond hospitality. Though as there is another gig to do tonight, it is possibly also safekeeping knowing full well that if I'd attempted to get back by myself last night, I'd probably be at the bottom of a mountain somewhere right now wondering why my legs don't work.

The problem with people that live and work on a holiday resort is that there appears to be the constant mentality that people get when they are actually on holiday. Little actual resting goes on because you are too busy embracing the sheer hedonistic nature of being away. As per usual, I have no willpower to resist such things and several sambucas later I had pretty much sealed the fate of today as being mostly bed bound. Apparently all of this feels much worse due to the altitude as well. I refuse to blame my head pain on air, that just seems stupid. Yes, yes I know its thinner air than normal, but why should we blame its slenderness on our inability to deal with anything but fat air? I like the notion that the opposite of thin air is fat air. Look at us people at reasonable sea level hogging all the fat air like gluttons. I really don't know what I'm typing today. I'm very sorry.

Right, so far this blog has taken 4 attempts to write and I'm finding simple sentence structuring quite difficult, let alone the notion of different weights of air. What I will finish on however, which I was intending to anyway, is just to say that if you read this from the UK, you have to go and see Craig Campbell's UK Tour that starts next week. Just trust me on it. Buy tickets now, go and watch. I'm always excited about watching Craig do a gig, but its been a real joy up here watching him take to the stage with different material every night, whole tales just from memory that he's never said out loud before, yet everything getting such huge laughs, and the audience being charmed beyond belief.

All the dates are at: Sort that out nowish.

I'm off to do my favourite sport of extreme lying down.

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