Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best Things In Life.....

....are free as Janet Jackon and Luther Vandross once sang. Ironically that single cost money to buy obviously proving it was in no way a best thing. Anyway, rather than give you free typed words today, I thought you may instead like my actual voice doing some funnies in your ear via your stereo/computer/iPod/electric goldfish with speakers for eyes*.

So - small fanfare please - here, finally, is my 2010 Edinburgh show as a free podcast just for you. Please download it, listen to it and tell other people to do the same. Also, you may notice there is a small link to a paypal account. This is because it cost money to record and tech and all the other things, so any donation small or tall towards these costs so I can keep doing such things, is much appreciated.


There's links on that page to iTunes and non-iTunes. GET DOWNLOADING AND LISTENING!

Also should you have small people who like to do a laughing, please check out our new Comedy Club 4 Kids website too at:

* these are very rare

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  1. comedy club 4 kids - says 6 years old - can that stretch down to 5& 1/4, but with definite leaning towards being smart and funny..?