Saturday, February 26, 2011

Harry Sheep

Not really a blog today, despite there being much to say about many a thing including the excellence of lion costumes in Bedworth, filth Countdown in Frankie and Benny's with Helen Arney, and the party car. But I'm off to Comedy Club 4 Kids and won't get a chance to type again today so why not just imagine what all of those things may be, and chances are, you'll have a better time than if I actually told you about them. Except for the party car. That was amazing.

Anyway, so instead, here's a small audition tape for a CBBC thingy I'm doing next week. Its a character called Harry Sheep. You'll see why when you watch it. I got the CBBC thingy (more on this soon) but I'm doing another thing, so this became mostly redundant. Until that is, Comedy Rush on Thursday when I added swearing and did 60 seconds of it infront of a fuck load of people. I'm leaving it online for only a few days, so watch while you can, make horrible racist youtube comments below like everyone does and then in ages to come when archaeologists look back through my blog they won't have a clue what it was all about.


More soon? If demand calls for it I may go filming some in Highgate Woods and shout at squirrels......

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