Friday, December 24, 2010

Tron and On and On

Well it's only bloody Christmas eve! Its come around quickly hasn't it? Etc etc cliched comment etc. I'm currently enjoying the Christmas quiet in a flat that's sadly empty of Nat's and Tom's various noises. I've never lived by myself before and while I'm very much enjoying certain aspects of it - last night was spent romping around in my onesi and playing a new Xbox game I bought. Admittedly I do both of those things with Nat and Tom here so its not that different - it makes me realise why I couldn't do it for too long. A lifetime of zombie films and a vivid imagine have meant that every small noise I hear gets me to run through what to do if zombies did attack and the fact our doorbell keeps ringing itself has me trying to remember exactly how they got rid of the Poltergeist. Sadly I don't remember so I've resorted to staying tucked up in bed dressed as a wolf and hoping that'll be enough to either ward said paranormal attacker away or at the least, make them laugh so hard I'll have enough time to escape. So less Christmas, more terrified of the Holy Ghost. I think it also hasn't helped that our family aren't doing pressies this year. It makes perfect sense and was partly my suggestion, as my brother's away and it seems silly when there's only three of us (my mum, dad and moi) to go through all the present buying hassle. At the same time, it means there is little to differentiate between it being the big C-Day and just a day where I go to my parents and eat a lot. Which is essentially what I did from May through to November of this year anyway. I do however have a massive red spot on my nose and if that isn't the best effort at being Rudolph and embodying the Christmas spirit then call me a heathen and paint my body like a drunk buzzing insect. (Bah humbug. Geddit? Sigh)

On the plus side, I am so enjoying doing nothing. I have really done very little. I'm sure that if I did any less it would cause an effect of anti-matter whereby a small black hole opened up in our kitchen. At least I wouldn't have to do the washing up again which would be nice. The most I have done was go and see Tron Legacy last night with my friend Stefan. I've been looking forward to seeing this film ever since listening to the soundtrack, which sadly after seeing the film, is the best thing about it. Its never a good thing to be able to say that had I closed my eyes and just listened for the far too long two hours that I would have enjoyed it more, but its the truth. Its not terrible, its just a very long music video with a script written by a child. A damaged child. I could list for many moons all the plot problems and all the lines that made me physically almost cringe to the point of damage but I won't. Its not meant to be groundbreaking, its not meant to be life changing and all in all, the racing and fighting scenes were amazing, so I should just be fine with it. I just felt sad that it didn't inspire me to wear lycra and a cycle hat today, line my room with graph paper and run around to the soundtrack all day. This means it failed. Its not hard to get me to do that. Spiderman 2 made me try and climb things, Scott Pilgrim means anyone I know go out with will have all their ex's hunted down and turned into coins. I'm not sure how I'll do this and chances are I'll lose, but goddamn it I'll try.

Not a lot else for you today and tomorrow there won't really be a blog, so I'll leave you, as I do most years, with a quick selection of alternative Xmas music for your festive activities, should you already be wanting to punch Mariah Carey in her wailing throat for pretending all she wants for Christmas is you, when you know for a fact that if you turned up on her doorstep tomorrow wearing only a bow, she'd be sad:

Last of the Melting Snow - The Leisure Society
White Wine In The Sun - Tim Minchin
Frosty The Snowman - Fiona Apple
The whole album of James Brown's Funky Christmas
Aimee Mann - One More Drifter In The Snow (whole album)
Sufjan Stevens - Songs For Christmas
Silent Night - Simon and Garfunkel
Christmas In Hollis - Run DMC
Merry Muthafuckin' Christmas - Easy E

Have a bloody lovely one. May your sack be filled with joy. Yes that is a euphemism.

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