Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow Helpful

For the third time in 24 hours I've just helped push a car up the incredibly treacherous icy hill that I live on. No, no I don't want a medal or anything. Ok, well maybe a medal. Just a small one that says 'Snow Champion' or something like that, but I won't show it to every person I meet. Just every other person. Anyway, what I'm saying is that this tiny act of helpfulness is just one of many that has been occurring all over since the snow started. I've witnessed kids, who on other days of the week people would cross the road to avoid, helping push cars and sweep doorsteps. People helping those that have fallen on the ice to get back up again. Everyone has suddenly reverted to the moralities of a yester year just because its all frosty. I'm not complaining at all. Despite the horrible black sludge and slippery streets everyone seems to have a smile on their face today as they watch their step while also trying to get as much of an eyeful of the snow topped houses and shops while it lasts. Despite its danger, everything seems pretty and festive. Whilst the London hubbub usually allows for the general ignoring of any and everyone around you we now all have something in common to talk about and so conversations are being struck up at bus stops, shop queues and all sorts of other places where I would normally just stick in my headphones and hope everyone sod's off. I've heard such brilliant chats between people where the typical starter of 'its cold innit?' manages to travel all the way to how we didn't have a summer last year and then segue-way without warning into holidays, the government and telly highlights. My favourite last night was watching an old couple walking tiredly up Crouch Hill. The woman asked her husband if she could throw a snowball. He grumbled a bit, but she said she hadn't done it in years. He then conceded with a smile and was abruptly hit square on in the face with a snowball thrown by his giggling wife. He immediately shouted 'What? You trying to give me pneumonia or something?' and they both giggled together as they trudged slowly up the hill. Brilliant.

It didn't matter that everywhere looked like a snowy version of Helm's Deep - abandoned buses everywhere, car skids and trapped vehicles, the remnants of snowball battles - the fact that no one could really get anywhere had meant most weren't bothering and felt fairly content about it. I'm hoping this weather goes on for ages. That'll mean that while I won't ever buy a proper amount of shopping in and will keep as far away from trains as possible - readers of yesterday's blog will be pleased to know it took me a whole 9 hours to get home in the end, culminating in walking the last 4 miles in the snow with a heavy bag while listening to the Tron Soundtrack. I swear that music would get me through anything - people will be bloody lovely to each other. Then I guess it will go on too long and then people would go back to being rude again. At which point we could suffer a sudden heat wave and then because we'd be so used to snow everyone would be all lovely to each other again out of joy for the sunshine. And so on and so on. What I'm saying is let's scrap Spring and Autumn as I think they just breed aggravation.

I still haven't done anything fun snow-wise. I know in 2011 I have two snow bound holiday trips so I figure the amount of effort travelling in this has taken me already, I'm quite content with looking at it through the window while staying warm and cooking a fat chilli. Should any of you fancy some, just pop over. Its the season of goodwill and all that innit? Hurry or the snow will thaw and I'll change my mind.

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