Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nice to see you, to see you Nice

Just a brief blog today as I've just arrived at my hotel in Nice, which is er, well, hmm, need another word...well, ok-ish. Despite all my hopes of gaining a small amount of winter sun during my 4 days of gigging here, it appears the weather was very much expecting me and has ploughed on more grey than a film noir about ex-Tory MPs. It's still warmer than Britain and they have palm trees which always gives me the illusion that its sunnier than it is. I'm not sure how this works but I partly blame years of exposure to Lilt and Capri-Sun adverts for such matters. Anyway, I have 7 minutes before we have to leave to do the first gig to people in Monaco. I'm not sure how this will work as all the while I'll be trying to host, while in the back of my mind I'll be wanting to tell them they are tax dodging criminals. I might try doing that with a smile and see how it goes. I also fully pledge that if I meet Mrs Phillip Green I'm going to ask her for a cheque to take back with me and hand over the to tax office. FACT.

Couple of other quick notes:

- Easyjet are now catering for their feline passengers which is lovely:

- Myself, Glenn Wool and Lady Carol all witness a women fall backwards on the escalator in Stanstead today. She lay flat like a starfish as it carried her upwards and her elderly partner tried to hold her up. We all at first wanted to help, but we were on the other side so couldn't hit the emergency button and instead we watched her gently get levered up in a Moonwalker style motion while heading to the top. It then became hysterically funny. Can more people do this please? Thanks.

That's all. I wanted to tell you about Tony Law's excellent car starting skills but there simply isn't time, so instead I will just say that you should go see his show Mr Tony's Brainaporium at the Hen and Chickens from 13th Dec - 17th. Hurry up.

More tomorrow!

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